What is ePVPipe IMS 2.0?
ePVPipe IMS 2.0 is a computerized Inspection Management System, customized for Pressure Vessel, Tanks and Piping at P&G Plants. ePVPipe IMS 2.0 provides a 360-degree view of all inspections, equipment, and records.
Features and Benefits
  • Reduces Inspection preparation, Inspection performance and Inspection Management
  • Automated Inspection Resource Requirement Forecasting and Scheduling
  • Comprehensive management of all equipment and inspections
  • Automated reassignment of inspections and inspectors
  • Dashboard and Reports (for inspectors and managers)
  • Inspector’s Qualification and Certificate Management
  • Support OSHA Compliance
Everything you need all in one system
  • All tank, vessel, and piping inspection information
  • All equipment records
  • Inspection Schedule
  • Inspection History
  • Inspection Task history
  • Defects
  • Pictures/Images
How ePVPipe IMS works?
ePVPipe IMS 2.0 is a multi-user application that runs on any PC or tablet browser. Inspectors and Application Administrators can access the system from anywhere, anytime with a PC, laptop, or tablet. ePVPipe IMS 2.0 replaces single-user Access DB, or Excel-based manual systems for inspections.

Find and Fix Defects
ePVPipe IMS 2.0 includes a Defect Management module that provides the ability to:
  • Create Defect during inspections (or any other time)
  • Update/Fix defect
  • Record Defect comments
Contact Us
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Email: support@hconn.com
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