What is Preventive Maintenance (ePM) 2.0?
ePM 2.0 is a computerized Preventive Maintenance System with an integrated Defect Management System (DMS).
You might have a different name for your preventive management inspections. HCONN usese the general term to describe this type of system - CIL (Clean Inspect Lubricate).
ePM 2.0 allows machine operators and managers to schedule, perform shiftly, daily, weekly preventive maintenance tasks and create Defect during PM Task performance(or any other time).
Features and Benefits
  • One place for Preventive Maintenance Scheduling, Performance, and Management
  • Plant-wide Reporting of Preventive Maintenance completion
  • Plant-wide reporting of Defect creation and update
  • Comprehensive management of all equipment and CILs
  • Dashboard and Reports
  • Support 24x7 plant operation
Everything you need all in one system
  • All records of equipment
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  • Preventive Maintenance History
  • Task history
  • Defects
  • Pictures/Images
How ePM works?
ePM(Preventive Maintenance) 2.0 is a multi-user online application. Operators, Line Leaders, and Managers can access the system from anywhere, anytime with a PC, laptop, or tablet. ePM 2.0 replaces paper based operation, single-user Access DB, or Excel-based manual systems for CILs.
Find and Fix Defects
ePM 2.0 runs together with Defect Management System:
  • Create Defect during Preventive Maintenance (or any other time)
  • Update/Fix defect
  • Add Defect comments
Contact Us
For more information, contact the HCONN Support team at:
Email: support@hconn.com
Phone: 224-326-3116