What is eDMS?
eDMS is a computerized Defect Management System for Department or Site. Operators, Inspectors, and Managers enter Defect, followup Defect status, and Update Defects.
Features and Benefits
  • One place for Defect Creation, Update, and Follow up
  • Plant-wide reporting of Defect creation and update
  • Comprehensive management of all defects in the site
  • Dashboard and Reports
  • Support 24x7 plant operation
All Defects in One system
eDMS is a repository system for:
  • All Defects for Departments and Site
  • Keep tracking Defect Status hourly and daily
  • Ownership of Defect
How eDMS works?
eDMS is a multi-user online application system. Operators, Inspectors, Line Leaders, and Managers can access the system from anywhere, anytime with a PC, laptop, or tablet. eDMS replaces paper based operation, single-user Access DB, or Excel-based manual systems for Defects.

Increase Productivity
  • Find and Fix Defects
  • Analyze Defect Category and Type, Meantime Between Found and Fix
  • Scorecard for Defect Found and Fix
  • Identify Area of Defect, Equipment, Lines, Operations
Contact Us
For more information, contact the HCONN Support team at:
Email: support@hconn.com
Phone: 224-326-3116